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My introduction to BioLogicCleanse and all that I offer is really the story of how I regained my health and the clinical evidence I have gathered to show what made significant differences in my recovery. Here is my story.

"Bio-Energy Therapy was unknown to me, but with no other options, this approach certainly caught my attention enough to commit to a month trial. It would prove to be the beginning of a very different way of looking at my health and the results speak volumes! Now, I wouldn't miss a session anymore than I would miss a doctor's appointment. My overall state of wellness improved more in the first 27 weeks than it had over the 27 years of doctors, therapies and medications."

On October 11, 2002, one month shy of my 5th year employment anniversary, and my long awaited 3 week vacation entitlement, I somehow joined The Fibro Club. I suffered this Fibromyalgia illness on into late 2004, until after those first 27 weeks of BioEnergy Therapy. This is when I first began to write this testimonial with both excitement and apprehension because at the same time as share something wonderful it required me find confidence to actually rejoin the land of the living per se. Previously I had really believed my Life had been changed forever and forever was for the worse. Before this therapy my mind had been in such a fog that the only thing I knew was that it took 10 pills a day to get out of bed to face another day of praying that I would awake from the trap of this horrible dream. When you have reached the stage of enduring the dis-ease of Fibromyalgia symptoms you come to know every system in your body is under attack. I will not be misleading to say that there is a touch-me-miracle here, there are no quick fixes for an illness that has taken years to manifest in our body. It has taken sure and steady work towards the relief I feel today but do know the dynamic difference between how I felt at this time and the feeling today; and also knowing with certainty, that this disorder can be cured.

A trusted lifetime friend heard of Bio-Energy Therapy and with nothing to lose I made the call. I have never regretted it because my overall state of wellness has improved steadily. My experience has been that in some unexplainable way we were reaching into the depths of cause that only recently peaked the symptoms that I have endured for more than three decades. I don't know how or why, but for the first time in my life there has been real change, change that my family and friends can see on the outside, and most important of all, change that I can really feel on the inside. Probably for the first time in my lifetime, something had most certainly stimulated my body to heal. I had truly only begun on this journey and needed more time to become whole and well.

It's February 2006, and I am now ready to share my story with all people who feel there is no hope or light at the end of their tunnel as they suffer with this mysterious illness that we are so often are told can only be managed, not ever cured. In order to understand this illness we must be open to being really honest with ourselves as we must look deep inside to find and attack the cause, in order to overcome the devastating physical and emotional symptoms. If you have reached the point of debilitation as I did, it is almost certain that you will be unable to achieve this depth without guided help. After decades of psychiatrists, medications, self help books and demanding myself to succeed, my entire life energy was depleted to become victim to this illness of physical, mental and emotional imbalance that I could no longer will to control.

I have spent decades living in a physical world of meeting the expectations of what it is to be normal. Since childhood I have lived with fears and anxiety that I never understood, loneliness that I ignored, and this insatiable need to control everything, myself and others when I didn't even notice that I did it. Many doctors attended my case and the drug regime began with the use of tranquilizers at age 10, by age 13 it was determined that I was addicted to these prescription drugs and was beginning to abuse them. Removing them and my ability to cope with the severe symptoms of anxiety, panic, and depression, my adolescence became a world of self-medication. Under duress I left my family home at the age of 14 and survived my teen years through the use of street drugs until age 20 but afterward continued only with the legal drug tobacco, my only true addiction, which I overcame in 2003.

My life seemed to develop fine as I would have described myself as compassionate, understanding and tolerant of all other people, and other than being a little hyperactive I was an overall well balanced human being. I followed most of the rules, set goals, did the work and achieved reasonable success in all of the endeavours I pursued. This sounds like all was exactly the way it should be. From the outside it would appear to others that life was grand for me and I was happy. On the inside nothing could have been further from the truth and throughout my entire lifetime there has been sign after sign to show me I was not living the truth that my Mind, Body, and Spirit required lifr to be.

Here is the truth. In my early twenties I began experiencing pain in my neck, toes, ankles and knee's and visited my family doctor who advised me that according to my family history I was experiencing the first stages of arthritis. He sent me home with two prescriptions, one was an anti-inflammatory and the other was to coat my stomach lining as the anti-inflammatory was known to upset the stomach. He also advised me that I could take Extra-Strength Tylenol to manage my pain. I had already been to prescription drug hell, so based on my teenage drug history, I was apprehensive to start taking any drugs that needed each other. I went home and decided that for the most part I could ignore the pain and continue on with my life, occasionally taking the Tylenol.

Over the next decade I continued to take Tylenol as required, but after bearing two children the pain now had travelled with a vengeance into my hips and back making it on many occasions next to impossible to get out of my bed. During the early years with my children I had left a successful career to start a home based business. My intention was to have a business that allowed me to both work and care for the children, but the reality was that the responsibility stress load that I had now put upon myself sent me into overwhelm physically, mentally and emotionally. In less then two years of meeting the commitment to my family and business I was on anti-depressants to manage the mental/emotional symptoms of severe depression and anxiety/panic and also anti-inflammatory drugs (with their stomach lining meds) to manage the excruciating pain.

It should not surprise anyone that during the duress of this time my marriage also failed and I was forced to leave my home, to find another avenue to care for myself and my children and start all over again with nothing; all the while facing a three year custody battle. My children and I struggled with stress of surviving on the social service system for the better part of the next five years, until I was blessed with the opportunity of an exciting new career in the freight forwarding industry. The five year sabbatical if you can call it that, had allowed me to regain strength enough to appear professionally competitive and I resumed survival mode for the next five years and things seemed good.

In late 2001, right after 911 shook the world, as with many others, my life began to spiral out of control with fear and concern. Working in the air freight import/export industry, the magic that I was once able to perform for my employer's very demanding and important clientele base became overwhelming for me to manage. Once again I returned to the anti-depressant fix to remain functional and shortly afterward had to also return to the anti-inflammatory pain killer regime that I historically used to sustain productivity. This time in less than one year my entire life force was exhausted, I was sleeping every lunch hour and my employer had on two separate occasions informally advised me that they were concerned that something was seriously wrong with me. I had become just shy of incompetent and apparently in their terms was displaying Oppositional Behaviour.

I actually believed a week's holiday would make everything better and on October 11, 2002 I left work for vacation and went to bed for approximately 8 months. My children thought I was dying, my doctor tried another anti-depressant and sent me to a rheumatologist as the pain was excruciating all over my entire body. With the onset of Fibromyalgia I was unable to brush my hair, dress myself properly; I couldn't remember what I had said or even care if I said anything at all. In a never ending labelling process I was assessed by a psychologist who sent me to a physiatrist who specialised in assessing ADHD, who sent me for sleep studies and pain management programs. I joined an Arthritis Society Support Group and a community based Fibromyalgia Support Group. Except for minor excursions I rarely left my house so this illness had overtaken my entire life.

I was now on my third or fourth anti-depressant; my family doctor abandoned the anti-inflammatory altogether, as by this point they all made me physically ill, including the trusted Extra-Strength Tylenols, Advil and Ibuprofens. My body was revolting against medications while the pain was all consuming; the depression made me numb and the sleep studies indicated that I was suffering from a severe sleep disorder label called Restless Leg Syndrome. In November 2003, after just over one gruelling year of long term disability the insurance company, who was more interested in collecting premiums that paying payments, sent me to an Independent Medical Examiner to be evaluated. Should have been no problem, considering my drivers' license was suspended two weeks after attending this appointment due to the results of the sleep study report sent to the Ministry of Transportation indicating that I was too impaired to continue to operate a motor vehicle.

As result, in May of 2004, adding insult to injury the insurance company determined that there were no objective physical findings of any significance or any physical impairment that would prevent me from safely resuming my previous occupation as an airfreight co-ordinator. My world could not have gotten any more frightening, my family doctor was still sending me to yet another specialist and appealed to the insurance company that they had made a horrible mistake, that in fact I was completely disabled. The only light in the tunnel at this point was that the anti-depressants and sleep medications were also abandoned so that the medicinally narcoleptic report could be withdrawn from Ministry of Transport and in April 2004 my drivers' license was fortunately reinstated.

In June, I hired Richard Bogoroch, a wonderful lawyer who specializes in these disability insurance cases. And in July I met with a Fibromyalgia specialist whom with all his good intention, introduced me to a completely new cocktail of medications, some of which were for other illnesses in the neurological field but had apparently shown some success in helping with the multiple symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Thus I was again back on 6 different medications, 10 pills a day to keep me getting out of bed, for what, I am unsure but was now officially consuming meds for illnesses that I did not even suffer. I will admit that I did experience for the first time in a long time some relief from the pain, but suffered cognitively to the extreme point that I was going to lose my drivers licence again.

On August 12, 2004, I saw a nutritional Microscopist for a live blood analysis who indicated that I was suffering from severe liver stress making it impossible for my body to process the medications that I was currently taking. I was also suffering from severe vitamin and mineral deficiency, I was highly acidic and the bacteria levels in my digestive system were dangerously low. My immune system was exhausted and my red blood cells were collapsing at an alarming rate, not a pretty picture. He was a kind man and did not want to alarm me; he gave me some useful suggestions, but also advised me that I should seriously consider looking at some alternative forms of treatments, because what I had been doing for the past three decades were clearly not working in my favour.

As fate would have it, that very evening one of my best friends contacted me with the name of a gentleman he had met; a healer. He told me that this man claimed that he had provided long term relief from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia for many people and encouraged me to speak with him. With absolutely nothing to lose, I spoke briefly with Mr. Leach whose quiet, gentle voice assured me that he could help me and advised me of his website so that I could check him out at my leisure. I found his BioEnergy Therapy information interesting and very different from anything else I had been exposed to in my life long journey of managing all of my assorted symptoms. My curiosity to understand his approach better and my desperation to try anything no matter how bizarre it was at first glance, brought me back to the phone to make my first appointment. I deem this conversation today to be one of the most important phone calls of my entire life.

The first appointment was three hours in length and started with an in depth medical history questionnaire. I was very impressed with the way the information was presented, including diagrams to show where pain was present and lists of symptoms to circle, many of which one does not even remember or think to include as a symptom. I have filled in more medical questionnaires than I can count and this one was the most through of any, it also included a couple that I have completed for the numerous emotional assessments I have participated in the past three decades.

Mr. Leach has developed a system of personal life profiling that he calls KarmicDNA Assets, as a completely new approach to discovering an overall description of who and what a human life is all about. He jokingly says it's like a standard Meyers-Briggs behaviour assessment but with so much more information it's pumped up on steroids. Without my having to fill out any form the accuracy was almost alarming because there were traits and characteristics identified that I had not ever allowed others to see, and there were others that I never even allowed myself to recognize. To say the least, it was the most enlightening and disturbing experience of my life and has turned out to most certainly be the foundation of hidden personal knowledge indicating life purpose, challenges and individual stressors that affect me as opposed to anyone else. It is the hidden power of knowledge for finding and attacking the stress causes of all-over-body dis-ease

The final stage of this first session was a BioEnergy treatment that Mr. Leach describes as bioplasma transfusion. While other energy treatments tend to apply additive energy, BioEnergy Therapy employs a purge-clear and replace method similar to what we might think of in a medical blood transfusion. I personally felt I needed a bioenergy 101 lesson to understand any of this because science has only pursued this knowledge in the last few decades so we were never taught about body bioenergy systems. However, apparently we have a system of vital life spiritual energy (not metabolic energy) flowing through us that plays an integral role in moving the energy of thoughts through the body and triggering our autoimmune system. This vital energy flows through an etheric body pattern that is the blueprint governing the physical forming of our fetus as a purposeful reflection of Soul consciousness and subsequently governs our health as a purposeful addendum reflection of all that we perceive, think, and do during life. Some call this combination of pattern and energy flow as the etheric body, which is married to our physical body. Mr. Leach makes the example of this interrelationship with the stomach feeling we get when we drive over an unexpected bump. That woo feeling is a slight out-of-body experience where the physical body abruptly moved and the etheric or energy body did not, causing a momentary separation. At the time, this concept was a little beyond my belief system but I did relate to the stomach jumping explanation as a separation experience, and as I stated in the beginning I was desperate and willing to try anything. Although, the point he makes, is more about realizing why and how perception and thought of life experience transits through the body to purposely and mechanically make the transition to become physical body symptom as an appropriate part of our spiritual life experience. Pain and disease is a purposeful communication about our life experience being unbalanced or dis-eased in someway showing that balancing our perception of life is a way to rebalance our body health!

I was pleasantly surprised that I felt nothing during treatment and although it appeared a little weird having this man do some deep breathing before we got started and scanning over my body with his hand, none of this treatment was invasive or offensive, so all was OK. I left his office after this first session thinking this whole bio-energy therapy thing seemed really pretty silly but noticed something in my mind had unexplainably changed. It was the clarity I was thinking with; a clarity that I am not sure I had ever felt before. With what I have since studied on this subject I now realize that what that very first session probably accomplished was a reconnection of my spiritual energy body to my very dis-eased physical body. The unacknowledged cause that "breaks" this health supporting spiritual link is overload of life stressors. I have met many people who suffer from Fibromyalgia and know that all have endured a lifetime of compounded mini traumas induced environmentally, physically, psychologically, and then often managed with the use of well intentioned drugs, and most importantly with little or no real understanding of what is happening to cause all this chaos that eventually takes over our lives in a physical way.

I continued with these weekly sessions, always with Mr. Leach's very obvious compassion and genuine caring guidance to discuss the trials and tribulations that I was facing week to week. When I first started this therapy I barely left my home, but always being present I still had little or no real interaction with my family members. It had now been two years since my children had been robbed of the mother that had attended to their every need before this illness. Just a note of humour (something I have now begun to enjoy), this illness was a blessing in disguise to my three beautiful daughters as they needed me removed from acting on their every whim! We are all still struggling today that I have returned as the director not the previous martyr they would prefer me to be. All three of my daughters and also my best friends' son are currently aided by the trusted guidance and care of Mr. Leach's unique Bio-Energy Therapy, to ensure that they better understand themselves, helping and encouraging them to each live their lives to the best of their potentials and enable them to maintain their energy health that supports the immune system through the trials of life.

Around the three month mark I noticed definite changes in my physical and mental wellbeing, very subtle but I was feeling differently. Just one month before trying this therapy I had started on new neurological medications so I could not determine which one to be grateful for. Still remembering the advice of the live blood analysis, I was very concerned about the amount of drugs I was ingesting and if my liver could continue to take it. I decided to decrease the medications I was taking. I did not disclose this decision to Mr. Leach or my family doctor at the time.

Although I was feeling differently the process was for the most part quite overwhelming, the counsel that accompanied all of my sessions delved into areas of my life conditioning requiring a self-honesty that brought me to tears time after time. At first glance, one would ask how could that be helpful, but please note that I was an individual who did not cry, laugh, feel joy or happiness, express anger or any other emotion the way all others experience do. I have spent a lifetime living with all normal emotions suppressed. All the well intentioned doctors who have previously attended to me used the only method they knew how to help me, and that was to use drug therapy which for the most part helped further suppress what is really going on inside.

It is this counsel process of BioEnergy Therapy with the true KarmicDNA Agenda of Life Purpose that makes this efficient. It works through discovery of the unique stress history of each person to find the individual purpose and symbolic meaning of life experiences as they have reflected into the body with meaning and then helping with spiritual counsel to resolve those issues. Richard Leach explains that the difficult things we experience in life modify the body to create an acidic physical condition purposely reflecting those upsets. I have learned a valued scientific fact from numerous sources that the toxic condition of body acidity is a breeding ground for illness! The dire point is that the alkaline human body can only breed illness when in acidity; therefore, if we can maintain our natural alkalinity we can prevent disease and pain. All aging and illness are the physical affects of accumulated by body toxins therefore all manner of cleansing is a potent means of defence for all people. BioEnergy Therapy works at source to naturally cleanse the cause of stress that brings body acidity conditions. I began to realize that everything else we can do to regain the natural body balance between toxic acidity and healthy alkalinity is important to recovery of any illness as well.

By the start of 2005 I was able to discontinue all medications and was optimistic that the slow gradual process that was occurring within my body would continue to show improvement. I had now advised my family doctor and Mr. Leach that I had made this decision without either of their knowledge, and was reprimanded accordingly, but both understood my motivation. I was also starting to feel well enough to start an aqua fit program with a friend and face some of the social anxiety of going out of the house that for the better part of two years was completely out of the question. This endeavour also helped with pain management as one of the biggest challenges with Fibromyalgia is to keep moving; even though it hurts it is also the only natural way to breakthrough and ease the pain of movement and regain full mobility.

At the end of January I participated in the suggested follow-up sleep study and was quite surprised by the results. A very significant component which appears to be consistent with people who suffer from Fibromyalgia is that they do not achieve any restorative stages of the four sleep cycles. Stage three and stage four of the normal sleep cycles are the restorative stages, stage four being the most important.
My results are as follows:
Study #1 JULY 2003 - 5 mins. stage 3, no stage 4;
Study #2 SEPT. 2003- 13 mins. stage 3, no stage 4
Note: both studies indicated daytime alertness severely impaired (report to Ministry of Transport, drivers license suspended) both studies taking anti-depressant medications
Study #3 JAN. 2004 - 3.5 mins. stage 3, no stage 4
Note: study taken with no medications, indicated day time alertness was no longer impaired - drivers' license re-instated.
Study #4 FEB.2005 - 57 mins. stage 3, no stage 4
Note: study taken with no medications - after 6 months of Bio-Energy Therapy

(I was dishonest and reported I was taking medications as they were prescribed)
These are the actual recorded clinical results, indicating that the Bio-Energy Therapy sessions were without question, most definitely changing my sleep pattern.

In February 2005 I returned to a follow-up live blood analysis session to clinically determine if there had been any significant changes in my condition. My previous high liver stress was now downgraded to only some stress visible, my nutritional rating had increased by two points, the dangerously low bacteria levels had increased by 4 points, my immune system improved by one point and the red blood cells appeared to be stronger with less collapsing. This further endorsed that BioEnergy Therapy sessions were of tremendous benefit in helping my body to heal itself. His advice this time was to continue with what I was now doing as it was quite visible that this was why I was starting to feel a little better and appeared to be getting stronger.

With two different clinical indicators providing measurable positive results it was clear to me that I would most definitely continue with the BioEnergy Therapy option that mysteriously found its way to me. Again, I will point out that there are no quick fixes to resolve what took a lifetime to create. I then believed I was participating in a sure steady form of therapy that beyond any previous doubt was attacking the very cause at source and will eventually cure me of this dis-ease that has eluded traditional medicine for decades.

In my new found clarity, for the remainder of 2005, I actively pursued and studied a number of different therapies to add support the natural systems of my body. Drugs are great for emergence trauma intervention but the research clearly shows that drugs do not reveal or address the cause of dis-ease in the human body they only trick our bodies by suppressing symptom. I continued to educated myself in human biology, seeking out other professional individuals to learn about our blood, our central nervous system, body acidity that incubates illness, body detoxification, nutritional supplements and spiritual awareness. My first step to find additional ways for detoxifying my body was to buy the IonCleanse machine because after experiencing once it at Holistic World Expo, I knew it worked! And I began using Alkalife drops in my drinking water to change the alkalinity level of my water intake. I found AgelessXtra cell-renewal juice and JuicePlus+ whole food juices the same way because I tried them and I felt differently with the added nutrition values they brought to me. Even the Lightbook machine had to have a profound effect on my feeling of wellbeing before I included it in my recommendations to others. While I continue with weekly Bio-Energy sessions with Mr. Leach and will never look back. I have become well enough now that I am able to share my experiences with others and am starting to become known within my community. My health became my personal health project and now it has become my passion of community service to help people with what I know. I have positively concluded my law suit with the insurance company that prematurely cut off my disability support, which in itself was an overwhelming experience to say the least. It is so difficult to break through this illness and move forward when insurance companies badger you with questions of your ability to function, and then corner you with arbitrary decrees just because you are not visibly bleeding and bandaged up. Although, I am moving towards a stable state of wellness, the process is slow and I must always ensure that I do not push myself beyond my limitations, I am succeeding because I have learned how to pace myself diligently. It takes time, patience and a lot of hard work to regain the strength, endurance and stamina required to meet the demands of every day living. This illness attacks our immune system, so prior to full recovery relapses are inevitable and unpredictable.

In February 2006, I attended an appointment with another Microscopic live and dry blood analysis practitioner, in which I was presented with a video recording of the current status of my blood. The results showed there are still areas that require strengthening, but the obvious regeneration that is occurring validates that the Bio-Energy Therapy sessions continue to be of tremendous advantage in aiding my body to heal itself. I am currently consulting a Naturopathic doctor whose mederian scan shows that my immune system has far from complete recovery, this was expected considering it has been exhausted and struggling to survive for more than two decades, BUT on the other hand it shows that all of my internal organs are completely balanced. Balanced lungs were a surprise to the doctor as I had been a long term chronic smoker who quit only two years ago, and based on her experience this organ should be far from balanced. A further blessing to indicate that there is great hope now that all of my body systems are showing potential for complete recovery from this horrible illness.

The best news is that with all I have learned through my own recovery I will surely dedicate the rest of my life to helping other people who suffer from this mysterious Fibromyalgia illness and other chronic conditions. This unexpected journey has given real reason and purpose, that up until very recently I would have called a horrific life changing experience; I now call it a blessing. I feel like the cowardly lion as I have never been more afraid, never really realizing that I have always had the courage to overcome this illness, I just wasn't able to see or understand it. The life altering counsel in weekly sessions with bioenergy treatments are returning my body to balance.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have been deemed intentional illnesses, fakes and fraudulent by profiteering insurance companies for far too long. The suffering is immeasurable for the men and women of all ages, races and belief systems that are struck down by it. If this had not happened to me, I might have been one of the outsiders who actually believed that we choose to have our lives ripped out from underneath us, leaving our families abandoned, setting us up for financial devastation. Unbelievers beware, because you are at the greatest risk. It is very likely that you are ignoring your own body's language of disorder telling you about imbalances in your life experiences. It takes decades for internal organs to show symptoms, you may still wake up one day to find that you have joined a disease club you didn't believe existed.

There are no words powerful enough to express my gratitude to Mr. Richard Leach; he is a White Knight that has been presented to the Fibromyalgia community. I would suggest to anyone with health concerns that you secure your place with this gifted caregiver while there is still time, it won't be long before he will be too inundated and turning you away. Richard you have made my list of an ordinary person performing with great extraordinary purpose. You have given me more than I have given myself in such a short period of time, and although you would argue that I have really done the most work, I could not have even begun without your unconditional love and support. Although we both know there is still much work for me to do, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul and I am grateful that I have found you. I thank the highest of power and goodness everyday that I have mattered enough to you to have secured mine, my children's and extended family's place under your guidance and care.