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The fact that excess acid toxicity is a major contributing factor of aging and degenerative diseases has been suspected for a long time. Reverse Aging, by Sang Whang, is the first book providing scientific explanation of this phenomenon; it is also the first to examine the concept of aging reversal strictly on a scientific approach. And who would have thought it was all this simple!

This book is the first common sense scientific explanation of the aging process and "how to" reverse it. The nutrients that we deliver to our cells burn with oxygen and become acidic wastes after giving energy to our body. The body tries its best to get rid of these acidic wastes through urine and perspiration. Unfortunately, our lifestyle, diet and environment prevent our body to get rid of all the wastes that it generates. Gradually, these leftover acidic wastes accumulate somewhere within our body. Since acid coagulates blood, the blood circulation near the waste areas becomes poor, causing all kinds of degenerative diseases to develop. The author defines the aging process as the accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes within the body. According to this theory, the reduction of accumulated wastes is reverse aging. This book explains how some of the adult degenerative diseases are caused by too much acidic waste, and describes the various scientific devices and methods to reduce these wastes without any harmful side effects. These devices and methods are being widely used in Japan. Alkaline water makers (water ionizers) have been in existence in Japan for more than 40 years. Many in the alternative health industry of water ionizers, magnet and far-infrared devices regard this book as the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference book of its kind in the English language. The scientific truth about body toxicity is a "must read" for all who desire a longer, healthier life.

This is an important and essential addition to all self-help libraries. Mr. Whang very simply explains the workings of the body. The subject matter is highly technical. However, the simple, easy-to-understand everyday language used by Sang Whang in "Reverse Aging" to explain this and other health-related topics allows the average lay person to readily comprehend the benefits of drinking alkaline water to regain body balance. "Reverse Aging" is a 'must read' for anyone who is interested in the scientific approach to and the understanding of health, the maintenance of wellbeing in conjunction with alternative medicine.

Engineer/Scientist/Inventor Sang Whang poses a very innovative solution to acidic body toxicity with the ionizer and the AlkaLife water drops! His realistic consideration of human lifestyle and environment drives his simple ideal of drinking alkaline water to balance the body. In spite of our poor habits and lack of determination this is potentially the most workable solution for health and longevity of all people.

Those interested in nutrition have learned to eat "basic," that is, emphasizing foods that balance the body's pH... lemons, for instance, although acid in taste actually have a basic balancing effect on the body. Most foods used in their natural form do also. However, with the introduction of modern, refined and processed foods as well as the various prevailing pollutants that we spill into our environment, the aging process has sped up and degenerative diseases have increased. Nutrition alone cannot cope!

If you're looking to understand the science behind alkaline diets, this is the book! Mr. Whang doesn't approach alkaline balance like most other authors who just tell you to eat this and not eat that. In the first few chapters of the book, he gives the reader the essential understanding of how the human body works - from a chemical perspective. He doesn't make assumptions or rely on anecdotal data - he shows the reader how the laws of physics and chemistry affect the chemical reactions inside the human body.

Armed with this information, he then tells the reader how the basic elements of foods (minerals, calcium, phosphorus, etc.) affect the pH of the body. This is the key understanding when it comes to figuring out which foods are acidifying and which ones are alkalizing. His approach is very straight forward, clear, and matter-of-fact.

He then develops understanding of how an acidic lifestyle and diet affects the body, how the body tries to maintain its chemical integrity, and what the resulting strain does, in terms of reactions, diseases, etc.

Mr. Whang's description of diseases and how they come to be is also very interesting. He goes through a long list of diseases, gives specific reasons for each of them (from an alkaline diet point of view) and tells the reader how to reverse them. He goes a step further in his description of non-medicinal health improvement devices that are mainly used in other countries. Again, giving scientific reasons why and how they work to alkalize the body.