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Whether you are deciding to sell your home or make it more comfortable to settle into for the coming years, we will make your home Your Castle or a buyers Dream!

Staging Your Home for Resale
Today, with all the television programs on home renovation and how to prepare a home for resale buyers are becoming more discerning. They are expecting a high degree of care and concern showing in the presentation of the homes they are prospecting for purchase. Gone are the days people looked past the bumps and grinds of everyday living to see the future potential of a home. People are busy and if they are going to spend such a high dollar, they are looking for a tasteful decor in move-in Like-New condition! Here is where we can help you stage your home with a "Like New" paint job. Giving your home a clean-up paint job is the single most cost effective thing you can do to increase the value of your sale and get your home to sell quickly. Call Us Today!

Why not Stage Your Home for Yourself!
It may have been a while since you considered painting your home. Your kids may be getting ready for college but the scrapes and scuffs of their youth still mar the walls that have long ago become dreary to look at. One thing is true of human nature, we will often endure the growing list of things that cause minor irritation or do without the creature comforts we deserve by putting off a project when the work is just to be done for ourselves, although, we will snap to it and get the work done if the work is for a friend or anyone else. Why do we allow ourselves to become second class citizens and wait until we are going to sell our home to someone else who deserves to live in a warm and inviting "Like-New" home? There is no good reason why we should not live in a comfortable and beautiful home too. All you have to do is choose the colours and decide to call Bill, to get the job done right! Call Us Today!

We prep your home properly prior to painting! We apply the paint on your home the way the manufacturer specifies: We apply paint directly out of the can, No mixing water to dilute the paint to make it go further. We apply only quality paint that provides the most durability under normal conditions.

One more quality reason you can count on us to do a good job for you…
We will PAINT YOUR HOME as if it was our own home!

Interior Preparation
Preparation is a vital step to guarantee a long lasting interior paint job. Before starting any work, any area not being painted will be masked, such as floors, windows, doors and hardware. Electrical faceplates will be removed and light fixtures will be removed or covered. After you move your furnishings away or to the center area they will be covered and other areas of the house will be sheltered from the work area.

Painting Process
Our experience knows that the wall or area to be painted must start with a good foundation. This means the surface must be repaired before starting any painting so any loose paint is removed, holes are filled and sanded, uneven texture is mended and the entire surface is cleaned. Now, the area is ready for priming. A primer is necessary so the paint will bond to the surface and the result is a more durable and longer lasting finish. High quality paint is then applied following the manufacturer's specifications.

Interior Woodwork
The trim, such as the baseboard, door jams and crown moulding is likely the highlight of the room and therefore, should be given extra attention to get the job done right. This one area is where having an experienced staff can make the difference in exceptional results. Imperfections will be patched; surface will be sanded, cleaned and primed in preparation for the painting or staining. As with all our work, we take the appropriate measures to ensure a quality product and never cut corners.

Service Oriented
What does than mean to you? It means we take pride in our work, respect your property and go the extra mile to make sure all our customers are 100% satisfied with the outcome of their project. You can count on us to show up on time and use premium products. We are very conscientious and never take shortcuts just to get a job done faster. Please don't be afraid to ask questions because our focus is on you (the customer) and keeping you informed every step of the way. We build our proud reputation by working to improve it every day. Our mission is to become your #1 resource for all your painting needs.

Just can't find the time to paint your living room?
With many years of experience we will make the entire process so easy; you will wonder why you didn't call us sooner. And don't worry about the mess, because there really isn't one. We keep the work area neat and tidy while the areas of the house not being worked on are protected. Since we are professionals, all areas are cleaned at the end of every day and/or when the job is finished. Call Bill for an estimate.
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LikeNewPainting will provide an estimate for your project.

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Pro-Painter Tip
How much Paint Do You Need?
Measure height of any wall multiplied by the running length of all the walls be painted to find the total square footage of area to be painted, then divide the total square footage by 250, because this is the number of square feet that a single gallon of paint will adequately cover, (depending on how absorbent the walls are). Then double the quantity to provide a good base coat of colour under the application of a second coat that will insure a rich deep colour finish. When ordering paint, always err to the high side as there is more value in having some left for touching up later scuffs than cutting it close enough to run out before the job is done.

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