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BioLogicCleanse is dedicated to sharing the most important resources I have found on my path to successful recovery of my health. I was once debilitated with Fibromyalgia and found that cleansing my body and my life of the everyday toxins of stress and supplying myself with the Nutrients and BioEnergy needed for my health and vitality was the core strategy that got me back on my feet again. These resources have come from the discovery of both physical and nonphysical factors that contribute to cause disorder and pain. In both cases the answer is in methods of cleanse to regain a purity of balance where life balance has been disrupted. Most importantly, the following methods are on a path to permanently resolve illness conditions and also present the understanding for preventative measures to be taken to continue to maintain good health, and youthful vitality.

IonCleanse® is a foot bath utilizing ion generator technology that removes toxins from your body. It is very like the ionization of air molecules commonly used to cleanse toxins from the air we breathe but this ion generator creates and ion charged field in the foot bath water. Ions are charged atoms that have gained or lost an electron which causes them to set up a magnetic field capable of attracting and neutralizing oppositely charged particles and pulling them out of the body through a process called osmosis. Osmosis is a scientific term of physics used to describe the movement of particles through a membrane (skin) from a lower concentration to a higher concentration. The higher concentration in this case refers to the ion field set up in the water by the IonCleanse generator. Ions travel through the body very quickly, attaching themselves to many different toxic substances and draw them out into the water. It may be possible to neutralize pain and other symptoms caused by a lifetime of toxic buildup in the body. The long-term effectiveness of the IonCleanse detoxification process also depends on the other life-enhancing changes that an individual is willing to make. Do your remember a time when your body and health felt Pure? Click on this page to learn more!

Litebook® Personal Light Therapy on Canada A.M. If you're dreading your days, and your lack of energy is affecting your life, you may be light-deprived. Today's lifestyle traps you indoors, with little chance to experience the benefits of elevated mood and energy associated with getting enough bright sunlight daily. The Litebook® is the first personal light therapy product designed to provide specific beneficial rays of the sun, without any harmful UV. Bring the joy back into your life by giving your body the benefits of bright light - every day - with The Litebook®. You and all your family can benefit from having Litebook Therapy in your home!

"Reverse Aging" is a 1998 edition of a book by engineer/scientist/inventor, Sang Whang, first published in 1991, with now over 30,000 copies are in circulation. All of this notoriety has come because this is an unusual presentation of a valued scientific fact! This is an exposé of how aging and illness are affects accumulated by body toxins and a potent means of defence for all people. The new cover reflects the importance of natural body balance between acidity and alkalinity. The dire point is that the alkaline human body can only breed illness in acidity, therefore, if we can maintain our natural alkalinity we can prevent disease and pain.

AlkaLife® is a patented alkaline concentrate invented by Engineer/Scientist/Inventor, Sang Whang, to offer an easy way to regain body balance between acidity and alkalinity. He has safely assumed that most of us will not easily change our behaviour to reduce acidity in life. His recommendation is to use ionized water which is indeed very effective at impacting toxic acid conditions. He has several other interesting theories as well that can be found in his book "Reverse Aging" but click on this page to learn more about how these drops recover your body alkalinity levels. Just put a few drops in your glass of water can bring your body back to alkaline balanced health.

Nature's Pharmacy is the simple, particularly convenient, and inexpensive way to add more valuable nutrition elements of fruits and vegetables to your diet, every day. Even though nutritional eating with more fruits and vegetables is the time proven path to healthier life, the thousands of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables work together in ways that science is just beginning to explore. And getting the right foods into our bodies is a daily struggle that we all must learn to give particular priority. People often turn to vitamins and other nutritional supplements for convienience but vitamins alone can't begin to replicate the thousands of different nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables. We don't suffer from a vitamin deficiency; we suffer from a whole food deficiency. Each natural diet ingredient in Nature's Pharmacy is specially designed by Spirit to provide you with the broadest possible range of nutritional benefits that your body craves. Once you discover the symbolic connections that each fruit and vegetable makes with your body that is yearning to survive in a healthy way maybe it will make solid sense for you to pick your snack priorities and make intake of fresh fruits and vegetables a daily habit.

BioEnergy Therapy® is an effective Energy Healing modality to complement medical and surgical treatment of disorder and pain. Understanding that human perception of negativity and stress in life is what causes the acidity response in the body, we can consider that life difficulty and stress is the original meaningful cause of disease and pain. This BioEnergy Therapy website launches a new perspective on health and disorder using a more analytical discovery of the meaningful cause for dis-ease in the body. BioEnergy Therapy has the analytical tools to discover which stress is causing which symptom as the reason of disorder response in the body. With causal properties found BioEnergy Therapy then uses reason and energy treatment as intervention of cause rather than treating the symptom. Understanding the body as a structure of intelligent cells that respond to life experiences in changes to health with reason, this website offers a detailed "how" explanation identifying contemporary scientific research that has been conducted at many major health facilities. There are also numerous testimonies from people who have been helped to permanent release of various disorders, including Fibromyalgia, with this method.
This treatment process has proven to have had considerable success with many disorders including: Depression, Chronic Fatigue & Pain, Fibromyalgia, Stress, Headaches & Migraines, Insomnia, Nervous Disorders, Thyroid, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Sciatica, Back Pain, Menstrual Problems, Arthritis, Immune Disorders, Poor Circulation, Poor Digestion And Sports Injuries.

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