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Other Fraud Experiences!
Fraud is an incredibly huge Social Problem!
And as such, fraud prevention is a personal responisbility
that is as socially important as healthcare in our future!

As you begin to talk to other people, you find that you are not alone. It is actually very comforting to realize just how many people will share their fraud horror and discover you are not the lone victim with the problem. However, it is also alarming to realize how much fraud is going on and that we all seem too embarrassed to openly challenge the national problem. EVERYONE has a story or knows someone who has been a victim of a fraud. Through opening up to this discussion with others, I learn of a new devastating personal story of fraud every day.

A few weeks ago a lady told me that she her story. She had been notified that she had won the Lottery in Norway. A logical reason was posed for her to be required to put money up in good faith in order to collect her lottery winnings. She did as directed and flew to Norway. There she eventually spoke to the police and to her horror she discovered it was a fraud. She lost her "good faith money" and the cost of the trip.

The owners of the garage, where I get my vehicles serviced, shared fraud stories they witnessed with me. One of their clients sold his luxury car to an off-shore salesperson. His car was sent on an ocean freighter to a Middle East country but it went via Mexico. The cheque, which he was given, returned to his bank as insufficient funds. Obviously upset he quickly arranged to recover his automobile. He flew to Mexico and met the ship. He was organized and able to produce sufficient documents that the Shipping Line people let him have his car. He saved his car and sent it back to Canada but the ordeal cost him $4000.00. This was not an isolated automobile sale gone bad rip-off; it was an organized scam! Another of their clients had the same thing happen to him. However, when he flew to Mexico and met the ship, the "bad guys" were there waiting for him this time. They beat him mercilessly. He lost his car and also spent a month in a Mexico hospital. Professional Criminals may hide behind the web of jurisdiction confusion caused by crossing borders of countries to avoid confrontations but they are still dangerous crooks and very ruthless.

A car salesman I know admitted that he almost became victimized by fraud. It was also a money clearing business proposition that seemed legitimate. He did not have internet, so they faxed the information to him at his dealership. The fax was hand written and there were many spelling mistakes. This breakdown in official looking business credibility scared him off but he admits that he was prepared to go all the way and if the document had been typed with no spelling mistakes, he would have followed through and paid heavily.

My doctor was selling a small recreational boat. Someone offered him an amount above what he had paid for it. He could barely believe that his used boat was worth more now than when it was originally purchased but given the right satisfying story as to why this was so, he gladly agreed to the price. They gave him a cheque for the boat. However, when the purchaser returned to pick up the boat the bank had acted quickly and notified him that the cheque was bad. He kept the boat and kicked them out. If the bank had not done their due diligence for him, he would have lost his boat.

A company in Mississauga, Ontario, sells medical equipment. One of their products is electric wheelchairs. A customer called from Montreal to buy one of these chairs. It took 5 credit cards to get 1 to go through. Before they shipped the wheel chair, they wanted to talk to the customer to clarify the shipping instructions. They got a voice mail. In this voice mail message, it said that there was a web site. Being curious, they looked up this web-site. He was a pawn broker. He had an electric wheelchair for sale. It was the exact chair that they had sold him. He was selling it on his web-site for $ 2500.00 less than he had paid for it. The company went back and examined the credit card information and discovered that it had been stolen. Their Montreal customer was a crook hiding in the shadows of respectability while using stolen credit cards to buy merchandise and then sell them competitively for far less than the retail price knowing he would not be the one to pay bills. It is extremely easy to make a profit selling items that actually cost you nothing. It is theft via fraud and then sales of stolen items to provide 100% profit.

Fraud is an INCREDABLY HUGE SOCIAL PROBLEM! It can hit and destroy anyone and everyone. It is beneficial to realize that you are not the only one being hit by fraud. Victims of fraud are not stupid! If a professional criminal decides to break into and steal your car, he will. If a professional criminal decides to break into your home or cottage, he will do so. In reality, you can do nothing to prevent such attack because our entire defense of locks and alarms is only a deterrent and it only deters the least sophisticated thief. You really you have a life to experience, you can not personally stand on guard over your possessions at high alert 24 hours a day! If a professional decides to circumvent all your normal deterrent safeguards, you are vulnerable and he will get what he wants.

Likewise, if a professional criminal decides to weave the web of a con around you, he will succeed. Remember, you are drawn into playing a game of deceit but you do not even know you are playing anything. You have a life to experience and can not be on high suspicion alert 24 hours a day. You are not stupid; you are unknowingly matched against Major League players! They are taking advantage of surprise attack and will find your target. By trail and error they will have already perfected this approach. The professional criminal will find just the right plausible convincing story to make you believe, and poof, he is in your pocket! He will achieve his goal. You will be victimized before you know it. You are not stupid, you had no chance.

We can save our world from going to hell in a trash basket! I urge you to make fraud a regular topic of conversation. By talking openly about fraud with others, new and more frauds will become apparent to the average person and we will cut down the number of fraud victims in Canada. We will promote awareness and share the knowledge that is the power to protect our society.

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