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Here is a quick reference guide
for those who are not yet victims
to discover preventative methods for
protection from certain kinds of Fraud

Thousands of Canadians are defrauded each year. But there is no typical fraud victim in Canada. Research has found that fraud victims are likely to be educated, informed, relatively affluent, and involved in their communities. Your risk of becoming a fraud victim is not linked to your age, race, income, education, or geographic location. The most likely common link between victims is they have always believed it could not happen to them!

Fraud is an intellectual crime. It is no longer a simple bait and switch portrayed by con artists; (...that's simply called retail marketing today). Of course I am kidding about retail marketing but I am not joking about the evolved generation of Fraudsters who are using marketing tools to steal. Now scammers are savvy, well-organized, educated professional criminals. They are a generation of smart crooks looking for the easy, nonviolent dollar and they know what they're doing. Unfortunately for their victims, they are polished by years of trial and error so they do fraud very well. To pursue easy money with lowest risk of getting caught scammers use and trade among other criminals the latest trends and clever techniques like:
    - professional marketing materials
    - well-crafted and researched telephone scripts
    - putting you at ease with a friendly tone and generous offer
    - prepared with believable answers ready for your tough questions
    - polished impersonations of legitimate businesses and charities
    - expertly using advanced psychology of your own emotions against you - Social Engineering to gain personal information and access to your accounts and credit status to perpetrate their crime.

Recognizing this we can understand that fraud is most likely the fastest growing development of organized crime and it not only continues to be current but it is state of the art! My comment is not admiration but recognition that this crime develops like a chameleon to remain so advanced that no one can be regarded as stupid for falling for fraud. Fraudstrs today are prepared for their craft like trained professional athletes but instead of sportsmen playing against peers that are equally trained and astute, they prey on the unsuspecting citizens who do not even know they are betting their future in such a high stakes game. It is time Canadians learned how prevailent fraud is in our country and become equally savvy in making Canada a non-profitable place for the Fraud Industry to operate.

Fraud Classified is meant to share general knowledge of how to avoid being drawn into fraud scams. Our intention is to eventually produce an edited/abreviated note on each known fraud approach that is a quick layperson's study of what is going on in our world but for now the first development of these pages is to present the first line of defence; an overview of consumer tips to avoid becoming a victim.

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